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  • Title: Flechmen Foxwood
    Descriptive info: .... Flechmen Foxwood.. Description.. Height.. 5'6â 1.. 6764 meters from floor to eartip.. Weight.. ~120 pounds 54.. 4310844 kilograms.. Fur colors.. Red.. black.. white.. Eye color.. Gold.. Species.. Cross Fox.. Legs Feet.. Digigrade.. Flechmen is an anthro fox that stands about 1.. 68 meters weighs almost 54.. 43 KG.. Most of his fur is a dark red with white over his chest and belly areas.. The fur on his arms and legs from about the elbow down on the arms and from  ...   streaks of black fur that create a cross shape His legs and footpaws are digigrade feral like.. The best way to describe his body shape and style is to say he looks like a very large fox standing on its hind legs.. His tail extends out about 0.. 9 meters.. He usually wears only a black collar with a green diamond pattern on it in the winter In the summer he usually wears this collar a Hawaiian shirt and blue jeans.. Flechmen..

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